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Updated 6-23-10

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Water Flows Conditions Recommended Flies / Techniques Comments
      A Little Note on Bag Limits:  In Nevada for trout (most put and take waters, not including urban fishery ponds; these normally have lower limits): the regulation is 5 trout in POSSESSIONThis is does not mean 5 fish per day.  If you have 3 fish in your freezer, well, you get to fish for 2 more fish and then you are done fishing, no Catch and Release afterwards.    Don't take the risk and get a ticket.  They can be substantial.  In California most (Put and Take) rainbow trout waters is 5 trout per day, 10 in possession.  Regs per water can vary.  Come into the shop and get the regulations or go online and look at the specific waters at:

Nevada Laws & Regulations

California 2010 Freshwater Fishing Regulations

E. Carson below Hangman's Bridge

and above in the "Put & Take"

1050 cfs



Flow rate coming Down

Guiding is available on this waters,  just give us a call!

CATCH & RELEASE:  A lot of fish have been pushed down from the stocking up stream.  Flows are still very fast.  Start looking at about 800 cfs, to start your fishing.  Use a lot of weight and fish it as in the winter, with multiple drifts in the same line.  Hare's Ear, PT, Bunker buster with a yellow crystal bugger.  Caddis starting to come off.  Hoppers are starting to show, but are still small.

PUT & TAKE:  Alpine County has stocked with their private stocking permit, at this time, DFG will also be stocking the rivers.  With the cold water, nymphing with PT's, copper johns in copper and red, hare's ear.


Special    Regs    C & R only below bridge: No bait, single barbless hooks


E. Carson / Gardnerville 1020 cfs

Off Color, cold and raises in the afternoon


San Juans working and pulling a streamer in this fast water.  As in the water above, you'll need some weight to get them to take.  Not crossable right now  
W. Carson / Canyon 232 cfs


In the canyon, water is clearing and is fast.  Fish are being stocked.  In the meadow section, the water is much clearer.  The standard, hare's ear and a san Juan will work well.  for dries, adams and EHC's.


E. Walker / Rosaschi 240 cfs


watch the flows, up and down a 30cfs movement will put the fish off


Nymphing reports are hare's ear, PT's bubblebacks, SJ - red and Angler's Edge silver streak.  Bottom fly that produced the most: Red or orange san juan.  Caddis are starting to come off late in the afternoon.  May be come off color with Sweetwater creek flows, normally run about 2 cfs, and now to 7. 

Guiding is available on this technical water,  we are the local experts for the East Walker, just give us a call!  Private section is also available.

Special    Regs    C & R only: No bait single barbless hooks

E. Walker Below Dam 232 cfs   Fishing very nicely.  Though pretty crowded during the weekend, 12 cars at the dam!  BSB's, pearl disco, Bubbleback in black, rainbow warriors,  caddis and beatis in the afternoon. 

We have several guides fishing on this water daily,  just give us a call!

Check Regs, after  November 15th No Kill.  No Bait.  Single Barbless hook

W. Walker / Canyon

1,300 cfs

Running hard and off color


Flows coming down.  will need a lot of weight to fish the drift.  Think bright colors to get the take.  Fish have been stocked and fish are being taken, but not wide open yet

Guiding is available on this water,  just give us a call!


Little Walker River

67 cfs


Running hard still, the lower section the fish are being taken and a dead drifted bugger in olive.  upper stretch is still cold with snow melt

Guiding is available on this water,  just give us a call!


Truckee River

829 cfs

  Flows still a bit high, but fishable.  go deep or go home. The slower sections and back eddie pools, you might entice with a Para MX in chartruese.

Guiding is available on this water,  just give us a call!

Special Regs in affect Nov. 15th on the CA side


O'Banion's Aspen Lake Ranch


    Have not had a bad report since it opened.  The calls that come back have been "My arm is tired"  "I  stopped setting and just felt the hits, with out setting"

This is a new water!  Open Year round!   After 45 years as being the Nation's cleanest private hatchery, and producing excellent fish (We love them!) the family has opened just one of their ponds to catch and release fishing!  Fish are 1 - 10 pounds!  To keep the pristine health conditions of the fish, Aspen Lake Ranch provides waders, boots, float tubes and fins to the limited 4 anglers per day.  OPEN AND TAKING RESERVATIONS

A good place to learn to float tube and learn to manage large fish.  Nevada Licensed guides are available

RESERVE YOUR DATE at the shop 782-4734

Call the shop to reserve your date. Guides and Instruction available


Pleasant Valley Preserve




We pre-fished PV last weekend, got fish, but it was running hard.

With the recent heavy run-off, we've had to push off the bookings, but man do we have water!!!!   By June 28th we are going to fish!  Come hell or high water... literally!

The Angler's Edge is the preferred shop by the manager's of Pleasant Valley Preserve, call us for up-to-date information on scheduling and water conditions

Call the shop to reserve your date. Guides and Instruction available

Lakes & Reservoirs        


  Catch and release only, no bait, barbless


  Special Regs:

Change in keeper size: 17"-  20"  No Bait, Barbless Hooks

Indian Creek Res.  


Damsels are coming off.  O'Dark thirty in the morning. from shore, you can cast and get them to take the damsel nymph.  Fairly slow for the float tubers.  Though a nice report this morning of a 4 pounder on a rootbeer bugger.

Guiding is available on this water,  just give us a call!

Blue Lakes

According to Dave up at Woodford's the road won't be open until fourth of July.  
Red Lake    

Iced off 2-3 weeks ago, waiting for a report

Guiding is available on this water,  just give us a call!

Caples Lake     Iced off,  we're seeing the big Mac's cruising, though weren't very interested in what was thrown at them.


Spooner     Stocked very well last week.  1400 Tigers and 5,000 rainbows

Guiding is available on this water,  just give us a call!

Hinkson Slough

Mason Valley Wildlife Area



getting weedy.  Though the back water with blood midges and black monster midges.

Special    Regs    C & R only No bait single barbless hooks
Hobart     Have had several groups go up, have not gotten a report.  Is it so good they don't want to say?  Or was it so bad they were embarrassed?

Guiding is available on this water,  just give us a call!

Twin Lakes    

Guiding is available on this water,  just give us a call!




Start fishing with an intermediate or full sink line.  Fish are being seen at about 34' - 38'.  Purple Buggers with a drop of a PT on a slow crawl seemed to do nicely in the southern end.  Boat dock end has been the smaller Rapelas and the Bouyants  South end we're seeing rises.

Carping is still going on at the south end.


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